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About the Author

Michael Moncur is the owner of Starling Technologies, a consulting firm specializing in networking and the Internet. He is also a freelance webmaster and author, and has written several best-selling books about Novell networks, Windows NT, and the CNE and MCSE programs. He will now try to stop talking about himself in the third person.

I've been hanging around the Internet since the days when it was spelled with a small i, and have followed JavaScript since its introduction. I've written several books in the past, including several current books about Windows NT and the MCSE program and the four (so far) JavaScript and DHTML books featured on this site.

Personally, I'm somewhere between 30 and, er, 35 years old. Married, no children. I work at home. When I'm not frantically scrambling to meet a book deadline or a project for a client, I spend my time tinkering with computers, electronics, and assorted electronic musical instruments.

For further information about me:

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