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phil karras
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 15 Jul 2002
Posts: 1741
Location: MD

PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2003 11:41 am    Post subject: KISS Reply with quote

People don't seem to understand just what a KISS example means. First, the definition (which most do understand):

(KISS: Keep It Short & Simple.)

Next, what does this mean for a really complex set of scripts, some client-side some server-side?

Well, if we're looking at a JavaScript problem then first and foremost we should be able to demo the problem in a simple HTML/JavaScript file without any need of going to the server.

I have experience in Perl, PHP, and ASP.NET/C# on the server-side, Java, and JavaScript on the client-side. Every time I've had a suspected JS problem I've been able to remove all the un-needed stuff, HTML/JavaScript and ALL server-side code and create a demo in simple HTML/JS to show off the problem, and eventually fix it.

I even wrote an article about debugging my JavaScript Database application, you can read all about it at: "Debugging - A Case Study."

This application uses one HTML/JavaScript file, two rather involved JavaScript library files, and any number of DB-name.txt files. At first glance it seemed to be an extremely complex problem to debug. After some deliberation, and pre-planning I made rather short work of it, go read it and find out how.

When you post a demo please remember a few pointers:
* we will not have any of your links, so point them out to us IF they are needed, remove them if they are not needed.
* we will not have any of your images, so either use alt="name-here" or some other way to let us know we need an image (Better yet, remove all images, they are probably NOT needed to demo the problem!)
* we do not need spaces in the posting, if many blank lines are needed, do something like this:

<form ...>
   <input name='One' ...>
   <br> <!-- use 20 of these here -->

   <input name='Two'...>
   <br> <!-- use 20 of these here -->

   <input name='Three'...>
   <br> <!-- use 20 of these here -->

   <input type=submit' ...>

I hope that helps.
Phil K
Circle Software Consulting
Test website:
Guidelines for Posting:
IHBAAA = It Has Been Asked And Answered
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