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Errata - Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours

  • Last Update: 1/18/2002

The following are corrections and issues confirmed by the author for the first printing of Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours. If your copy is a later printing, it may already include one or more of these corrections. If you notice an error not on this list, please contact the author.

Content Corrections

  • Hour 5: Understanding the DOM
    • Page 62, last line: "The Level 0 DOM" should read "The Level 1 DOM"
  • Hour 6: Creating Positionable Elements (Layers)
    • Page 86, Exercises, first exercise: "Listing 6.4" should read "Listing 6.2"
  • Hour 16: Using DHTML for Animation
    • Page 228, Answers, Answer to Question #3: Answer B is correct, but the following sentence should be added to the explanation: "This only works because the body text layer has the background-color property set."
  • Hour 20: Troubleshooting DHTML
    • Page 277, second line under "Workshop" header: "Listing 24.1" should read "Listing 20.1"

Browser Issues

  • Hour 19: Using Dynamic Fonts
    • Page 266, first paragraph after Listing: This paragraph states, "If you test this example on your local computer, it will work with the .eot file from this book's Web site." This turns out not to be true for most versions of Internet Explorer. To test Listing 19.1, you can access the online version or use Microsoft's WEFT utility to create an EOT file that works with your URL. Also, some versions of IE don't display the correct font the first time you load the page - press the Reload button to display the correct fonts.
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