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Examples - Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours

The examples (listings) from Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours are listed below. When you select one, it will be displayed in your browser; if you would rather look at the JavaScript source, use your browser's View Source option. You can also download all of the files.

Note about CSS and JS files: these files can't be executed alone. Follow the link to the corresponding HTML file instead. If you download the HTML file, you'll also need the CSS and/or JS files it requires.

Browser note: most of these examples require Netscape 6 or Internet Explorer 5/6.

Part I: Getting Started

Hour 2: Reviewing HTML

Hour 3: Understanding JavaScript

Hour 4: Creating a Simple DHTML Example

Part II: Learning DHTML Basics

Hour 5: Understanding the DOM

Hour 6: Creating Positionable Elements (Layers)

Hour 7: Working with DOM Properties and Methods

Hour 8: Responding to Events

Part III: Working with Style Sheets

Hour 9: Introducing Style Sheets

Hour 10: Using Style Sheet Properties

Hour 11: Controlling Styles with JavaScript

Hour 12: Creating Consistent Styles

Part IV: Dynamic HTML in Action

Hour 13: Creating Drop-down Menus

Hour 14: Creating a Menu Tree

Hour 15: Creating DHTML Text Effects

Hour 16: Using DHTML for Animation

Part V: Learning Advanced Techniques

Hour 17: Dealing with Browser Differences

Hour 18: Using DHTML with Forms

Hour 19: Using Dynamic Fonts

Hour 20: Troubleshooting DHTML

Part VI: Putting it all Together

Hour 21: Creating a Dynamic Site

Hour 22: Creating Complex Animations

Hour 23: Creating a DHTML Game

Hour 24: DHTML Tips and Tricks

(c) 1997-2002 Starling Technologies and Michael Moncur. Portions (c) Sams Publishing.