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/*Nork*/ Click Here to Email /*Nork*/     Find more posts by /*Nork*/ Location:
Occupation: student
Interests: (D)HTML, scripting, programming(soon), memory mnemonics, piano, maths.
06-19-02 8
01 Click Here to Email 01     Find more posts by 01   04-25-02 2
040170   Find more posts by 040170 Location:Bristol, England
Occupation:Software Tester
Interests:Football,Photography, Squash, Golf
04-28-02 2
1a2b   Find more posts by 1a2b   11-30-01 0
404 Click Here to Email 404     Find more posts by 404

03-28-02 1
<KirbyGekko> Click Here to Email <KirbyGekko>     Find more posts by <KirbyGekko>   03-12-01 1
A1ien51 Click Here to Email A1ien51   Visit A1ien51~~s homepage!   Find more posts by A1ien51   04-26-02 10
abc Click Here to Email abc     Find more posts by abc   06-23-01 1
abhijit   Find more posts by abhijit Location:Pune
08-03-01 1
Abhishek   Find more posts by Abhishek   07-04-01 0
absolutxus Click Here to Email absolutxus     Find more posts by absolutxus   05-04-01 2
ad Click Here to Email ad     Find more posts by ad   06-06-01 0
Adam Click Here to Email Adam     Find more posts by Adam Location:
01-22-01 0
Adamthewebguy Click Here to Email Adamthewebguy   Visit Adamthewebguy~~s homepage!   Find more posts by Adamthewebguy Location:Near Chicago
Occupation:Web Designer not developer
Interests: Web Design of course!
05-02-02 1
adeangel Click Here to Email adeangel     Find more posts by adeangel   06-10-01 0
aetchell Click Here to Email aetchell     Find more posts by aetchell   06-19-02 1
agent12 Click Here to Email agent12     Find more posts by agent12   01-03-02 1
agilchris Click Here to Email agilchris     Find more posts by agilchris   05-23-01 1
aj Click Here to Email aj     Find more posts by aj   08-12-01 2
ajc2249 Click Here to Email ajc2249     Find more posts by ajc2249   04-30-02 1
AJT Click Here to Email AJT   Visit AJT~~s homepage!   Find more posts by AJT Uh, I'm 15, and I like driving, I like math, science, computers, as in, pc trouble shooting, website design, and recently, java script; I hope to learn more languages, and consider javascript a steping stone. I would like to take my math at least to calc, and sciences as high as posible then do who knows what. I like rocketry, so maybe somthing along that line. Maybe if I got good at math and programing, a rocket guidance system. Or, if I got good a cheistry and physics, blah blah, maybe a fuling system, I don't know, but somthing that takes intelligence. Who knows, maybe rockets will be outdate and I'll have to go to sci-fi school.

Oh, and as for what I do when I'm not at the computer, and not studying, I live on 15 acres, have a few dirtbikes, 3 siblings, and that keeps me busy. We just sold the last of our 6 horses. We just couldn't keep after them all. Did you know that they eat like horses? They cost way more than the rest of us children, and guess what, they wouldn't even give us a tax write off! I'm sorry, but that's pretty lame. Ok, enough dirt on that. If you know somthing I don't, set me strait. If I know somthing you don't, ..."seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be open to you"... In other words, (yeah, I bet you want other words) ask and I'll tell you all I know, which shouldn't take to long :)
07-13-01 11
ajwp24 Click Here to Email ajwp24     Find more posts by ajwp24   08-15-01 1
akersha Visit akersha~~s homepage!   Find more posts by akersha   04-05-01 1
aklaum   Find more posts by aklaum   04-11-02 1
akshi_vikas Click Here to Email akshi_vikas     Find more posts by akshi_vikas   11-21-00 0
aladin Click Here to Email aladin     Find more posts by aladin Location:Can
Interests:learning JS
01-07-01 1
albe327   Find more posts by albe327   03-20-01 1
Albuckj Click Here to Email Albuckj     Find more posts by Albuckj   01-10-02 9
alc Click Here to Email alc   Visit alc~~s homepage!   Find more posts by alc   02-18-02 2
alcatwize Click Here to Email alcatwize     Find more posts by alcatwize   10-16-01 1

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