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Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours

Purchase the new edition at This is the first version of Teach Yourself JavaScript. Since JavaScript hasn't changed much from version 1.3 to version 1.5, it's still perfectly useful. However, if you have not yet purchased a book, be sure to purchase the new version.
ISBN: 0-672-31407-X
Published: by, February 1999
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About the Book

JavaScript is one of the easiest, most straightforward ways to enhance a Web site with interactivity - yet most of the JavaScript books currently on the market are fairly large books that assume some familiarity with basic programming concepts. Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours, on the other hand, makes no such assumptions and serves as an easy-to-understand tutorial on both scripting basics and JavaScript itself. The book is written in a clear and personable style with an extensive use of practical, complete examples. Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours includes material on the latest developments in JavaScript -- such as the use of JavaScript in Dynamic HTML.

  • Provides step-by-step lessons for the most popular Web scripting language
  • An entry-level tutorial for the reader with absolutely no programming background - somebody who just wants to add interactivity to his Web site
  • Includes coverage of the latest version of JavaScript - as well as the use of JavaScript in Dynamic HTML
(c) 1997-2002 Starling Technologies and Michael Moncur. Portions (c) Sams Publishing.