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Errata - Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours

Updated March 17, 1999

Here is a current list of corrections and additions for Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours. If you've discovered a typographical error or bug not mentioned here, please let me know by using the email page.

  • Hour 2: The Y2K Countdown script is (of course) not Y2K compliant: Since the year 2000 has already arrived, change the "2000" in listing 2.5 line 8 (page 27) to "2005" or a future date of your choice.
  • Hour 7, page 94: The answer to Question #1 should be C, not A. The answer description is correct.
  • Hour 10, page 128: The note at the bottom of this page is, well, utter nonsense. Here is what it should have said:
    • Although the location.href property usually contains the same URL as the document.URL property described earlier in this chapter, you can't change the document.URL property. Always use location.href to load a new page.
  • Hour 11, page 140: In lines 15 and 16, "work_phone" should read "workphone" and "home_phone" should read "homephone"
  • Hour 11, page 140: In lines 26 and 27, the line continuation character should be moved to the beginning of the line.
  • Hour 12, page 148: In the listing at the top of the page, "Function" should not be capitalized.
  • Hour 12, page 150: In the listing in the middle of this page, "Function" should not be capitalized.
  • Hour 14, page 187: In line 27 of the listing, onsubmit="validate();" should read onsubmit="return validate();"
  • Chapter 20, page 262: This listing's line numbers end at 14. (Don't type the line numbers anyway)
  • Chapter 20, page 280: Listing 21.2 is incorrectly labeled as Listing 20.2. Also, this listing is missing line numbers.
  • Chapter 23, page 302: Listing 23.6 is incorrectly labeled as Listing 23.5.
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