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Examples - Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours

The following are online versions of the examples in Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours. If you want to download all of these examples, and the graphics and other files required, visit the download page.

NOTE: Only the listings in the book that are complete HTML documents are included here.

Hour 1, "Understanding JavaScript"

Hour 2, "Creating a Simple Script"

Hour 3, "Exploring JavaScript's Capabilities"

Hour 4, "How JavaScript Programs Work"

Hour 5, "Using and Storing Values"

Hour 6, "Using Strings and Arrays"

Hour 7, "Testing and Comparing Values"

Hour 8, "Repeating Yourself: Using Loops"

Hour 9, "Using Built-In Objects"

Hour 10, "Working with Browser Objects"

Hour 11, "Creating Custom Objects"

Hour 12, "Responding to Events"

Hour 13, "Using Windows and Frames"

Hour 14, "Getting Data with Forms"

Hour 15, "Using Graphics and Animation"

Hour 16, "Creating Browser-Specific Scripts"

Hour 17, "Working with Style Sheets"

Hour 18, "Creating Dynamic Pages with Layers"

Hour 19, "Creating Cross-Browser Scripts"

Hour 20, "Working with Multimedia and Plug-ins"

Hour 21, "Debugging JavaScript Applications"

Hour 22, "Improving a Web Page with JavaScript"

Hour 23, "Creating a Shopping Cart Script"

Hour 24, "Creating a JavaScript Game"

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