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Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours (3rd Edition)

Purchase this book at This is my latest JavaScript book. Look for the "Third Edition" emblem on the cover to be sure you purchase the up-to-date book.
Available: June 2002
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About the Book

NEW: Examples and downloads are now online. Exercise answers coming soon.

The third edition of Teach Yourself JavaScript is not only updated for the latest language and browser features - it's also much improved from the previous version, with more examples, more detail on JavaScript features, and better organization.

When JavaScript was first introduced, it made Web pages interactive - and got me excited about programming for the first time in years. It's a fun language to learn and use, whether you're an experienced programmer or a beginner. I wrote this book to try to pass on some of this excitement. This book starts with the basics, and ends with games and applications that take full advantage of JavaScript. If you create Web pages, this book will help you add fun and functionality with JavaScript.

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