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Examples - Teach Yourself JavaScript (Third Edition)

The examples (listings) from Teach Yourself JavaScript (Third Edition) are listed below. When you select one, it will be displayed in your browser; if you would rather look at the JavaScript source, use your browser's View Source option.

Hour 1: Understanding JavaScript

Hour 2: Creating a Simple Script

Hour 3: How JavaScript Programs Work

  • (No script examples in this chapter)

Hour 4: Using Functions and Variables

Hour 5: Using Strings and Arrays

Hour 6: Testing and Comparing Values

Hour 7: Repeating Yourself: Using Loops

Hour 8: Using Math and Date Functions

  • Listing 8.1: Testing JavaScript's random number functions

Hour 9: Working with the Document Object Model

Hour 10: Responding to Events

Hour 11: Using Windows and Frames

Hour 12: Getting Data with Forms

Hour 13: Using Graphics and Animation

Hour 14: Creating Cross-Browser Scripts

Hour 15: Creating Custom Objects

Hour 16: Working with Sounds and Plug-ins

Hour 17: Debugging JavaScript Applications

Hour 18: Working with Style Sheets

  • Listing 18.1: Style sheet example
  • Listing 18.2: The dynamic style sheet example (Requires Netscape 6.0/IE 5.0 or later)

Hour 19: Using Dynamic HTML (DHTML)

  • Listing 19.1: A simple HTML document
  • Listing 19.2: Animation with Dynamic HTML (Requires Netscape 6.0/IE 5.0 or later)

Hour 20: Using Advanced DOM Features

NOTE: All of these examples require Netscape 6.0/IE 5.0 or later.

Hour 21: Improving a Web Page with JavaScript

  • Listing 21.1: The initial FSC Web page, without JavaScript
  • Listing 21.2: The FSC Web page with various JavaScript additions

Hour 22: Creating a JavaScript Game

Hour 23: Creating DHTML Applications

Hour 24: JavaScript Tips and Tricks

  • Listing 24.1: Using Cookies to display a personalized message
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