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Welcome to the all new JavaScript Links page! The links are divided into a number of categories. The numbers in parentheses are the number of links within each category. We'll be adding many more links soon.

JavaScript Links JavaScript Sites

Newest Links    Top 10    Highest-Rated    Add a Link  
Dynamic Drive *****
"The premier place on the net to obtain free, original DHTML scripts and components to enhance your web site". A nice library of scripts with descriptions and instructions - great if you don't want to roll your own.
13795 hits; added May 14, 2012 - JavaScript FAQ *****
An excellent and comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about JavaScript, many with code examples that explain a concept. also has sections on CSS, DHTML, and other topics.
11544 hits; added May 15, 2012
JavaScript Developer Central *****
JavaScript Developer Central, part of Netscape's DevEdge site, includes links to a wide variety of JavaScript resources.
12725 hits; added May 14, 2012
Javascript FAQTs *****
A nice community-driven FAQ site with answers to hundreds of JavaScript and DHTML questions.
5909 hits; added May 14, 2012
Netscape's JavaScript Reference *****
Netscape's JavaScript Reference is the original JavaScript reference, and still an essential stop for any JavaScript developer.
8727 hits; added May 14, 2012
Website Abstraction *****
Website Abstraction has a number of sample scripts and JavaScript tutorials, including information about DHTML and the new W3C DOM.
8754 hits; added May 14, 2012
JavaScript Section ****
A collection of practical JavaScripts, all rigidly cross-browser compatible. Includes the W3C DOM Compatibility Table, currently the best resource on the Internet for this subject.
5772 hits; added May 14, 2012 ***
A huge collection of JavaScript examples and tutorials. If you\'re looking for scripts to copy, this looks like a great place. Includes a forum where you can discuss things or request a script.
6466 hits; added May 14, 2012

Many of the links in this list have a rating, from one to five stars (). These ratings are chosen by the staff of The JavaScript Workshop and are just our opinion.

If a site has no stars, it doesn't mean it's bad - it simply means we haven't rated it yet. If a site has any stars at all, it means we think it has value - one-star sites just aren't as exciting or as useful as five-star ones. If we were going to rate a site as poor or without value, we would not include it at all.

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