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Welcome to the all new JavaScript Links page! The links are divided into a number of categories. The numbers in parentheses are the number of links within each category. We'll be adding many more links soon.

JavaScript Links Software and Tools

Newest Links    Top 10    Highest-Rated    Add a Link  
BBEdit (Bare Bones Software) *****
For Macintosh users, BBEdit is a great HTML editor that also includes JavaScript features. From Bare Bones Software.
2439 hits; added May 12, 2012
Homesite (Allaire Corp.) *****
HomeSite, from Allaire, is a full-featured HTML editor. It is similar to a text editor, but includes features to automatically add HTML tags, and to easily create complicated HTML elements such as tables. It's what I use to create and maintain all of my sites.
3204 hits; added May 08, 2012
CSE HTML Validator ****
CSE HTML Validator, from AI Internet Solutions, is an excellent stand-alone utility for Windows that checks HTML documents against your choice of HTML versions. It can also be integrated with HomeSite, TextPad, and several other HTML and text editors.
1941 hits; added May 09, 2012
TextPad ****
TextPad, from Helios Software Solutions, is a Windows text editor intended as a replacement for the basic Notepad accessory. It's a fast, useful editor, and also includes a number of features for working with HTML, Java, and other languages. TextPad is shareware, and a fully-working version can be downloaded from this site.
2075 hits; added May 08, 2012
TopStyle (BradSoft) ****
A good stylesheet (CSS) editor for Windows platforms, developed by the author of HomeSite. A basic edition of TopStyle is included with Allaire's HomeSite.
2025 hits; added May 09, 2012
NetObjects ScriptBuilder ***
NetObjects ScriptBuilder is a development environment for JavaScript that provides a sophisticated editor, and tools to create simple scripts automatically.
3138 hits; added May 09, 2012

Many of the links in this list have a rating, from one to five stars (). These ratings are chosen by the staff of The JavaScript Workshop and are just our opinion.

If a site has no stars, it doesn't mean it's bad - it simply means we haven't rated it yet. If a site has any stars at all, it means we think it has value - one-star sites just aren't as exciting or as useful as five-star ones. If we were going to rate a site as poor or without value, we would not include it at all.

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