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The highest-rated (five-star) sites are listed below, in alphabetical order.

JavaScript Links Five-Star Sites
BBEdit (Bare Bones Software) *****
For Macintosh users, BBEdit is a great HTML editor that also includes JavaScript features. From Bare Bones Software.
2439 hits; added May 12, 2012
BrowserWatch *****
BrowserWatch has the latest news about new browsers and plug-ins. Although it's now part of, BrowserWatch is one of the oldest and still one of the most useful sites for Web developers.
2680 hits; added May 12, 2012
DHTML Lab *****\'s DHTML Lab has many useful DHTML tutorials and examples, both for the new DOM and for 4.0 browsers.
4738 hits; added May 14, 2012
Dynamic Drive *****
"The premier place on the net to obtain free, original DHTML scripts and components to enhance your web site". A nice library of scripts with descriptions and instructions - great if you don't want to roll your own.
13795 hits; added May 14, 2012
Homesite (Allaire Corp.) *****
HomeSite, from Allaire, is a full-featured HTML editor. It is similar to a text editor, but includes features to automatically add HTML tags, and to easily create complicated HTML elements such as tables. It's what I use to create and maintain all of my sites.
3204 hits; added May 08, 2012 - JavaScript FAQ *****
An excellent and comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about JavaScript, many with code examples that explain a concept. also has sections on CSS, DHTML, and other topics.
11544 hits; added May 15, 2012
JavaScript Developer Central *****
JavaScript Developer Central, part of Netscape's DevEdge site, includes links to a wide variety of JavaScript resources.
12725 hits; added May 14, 2012
Javascript FAQTs *****
A nice community-driven FAQ site with answers to hundreds of JavaScript and DHTML questions.
5909 hits; added May 14, 2012
Netscape's JavaScript Reference *****
Netscape's JavaScript Reference is the original JavaScript reference, and still an essential stop for any JavaScript developer.
8727 hits; added May 14, 2012 ***** has information and articles about Web technologies ranging from Java to Plug-ins.
2991 hits; added May 08, 2012
Website Abstraction *****
Website Abstraction has a number of sample scripts and JavaScript tutorials, including information about DHTML and the new W3C DOM.
8754 hits; added May 14, 2012

Many of the links in this list have a rating, from one to five stars (). These ratings are chosen by the staff of The JavaScript Workshop and are just our opinion.

If a site has no stars, it doesn't mean it's bad - it simply means we haven't rated it yet. If a site has any stars at all, it means we think it has value - one-star sites just aren't as exciting or as useful as five-star ones. If we were going to rate a site as poor or without value, we would not include it at all.

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