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Privacy Policy

The owners of The JavaScript Workshop respect your privacy, and have made every effort to keep your personal information private and confidential. Here are the facts.

Email Addresses, names, etc.

We will only ever obtain your email address in one fashion: you give it to us. This can happen in one of three ways: (1) You send us an email message using our form or our email address, (2) you subscribe to one of our mailing lists, or (3) you register for our forum.

We will only send you email for the following reasons: (1) mailing list messages as specified in each list's description; (2) personal replies to your email queries; (3) automatic, one-time form replies to your email queries; (4) Brief announcements (less than once per month) to registered members of the Forum who have chosen to receive such messages in their profiles; (5) If you have set your forum preferences to allow this, other forum users can email you using a form. These users are not given your email address.

You can be removed from any of our mailing lists by using the form on the mailing lists page. To be deleted from the forum's list of registered users, contact us by email.

We do not share any email addresses, names, or other information that we receive in any of the above fashions with anyone, ever. We do not send unsolicited email messages to anyone. Since Spammers routinely gather email addresses from Web pages, we have made efforts to prevent this. There is no way to display a list of registered users for the mailing lists. Forum users can be reached using a mail form, but their email addresses are not displayed. You may wish to avoid posting your email address in the forum or in your signature to avoid these problems.


Our site does not, as yet, use cookies. If it does, they will be used strictly to store local preferences or state information for our site, and will not be shared with any external site. Our advertising provider, Burst Media, does use cookies, but does not use them in any fashion that would threaten your privacy; view the privacy statement at their site for details.

IP addresses, etc.

Our Web server receives your IP address and other information as a normal function of the HTTP protocol. This data is stored in standard Web logs and used for aggregate statistics. No attempt is made to match your IP address with email addresses or any other information.

Your IP address is logged when you post to the Forum to provide accountability for obscene, threatening, or illegal content. The IP address is visible only to the forum moderators, and is viewed or used only in the process of investigating complaints.

Mailing Addresses, phone numbers, etc.

We do not collect mailing addresses or phone numbers in any fashion. Any such information we obtain incidentally, such as in a signature of an email message we receive, will be kept confidential. Our associate, Books, collects shipping, contact, and credit card information when you order books; this information is subject to Amazon's privacy policy, and we do not have access to any of this information.

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